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SDET Training – Software Development Engineer in Testing

SDET is short for Software Development Engineer in Test or software Design Engineer in Test. An SDET is also known as a Quality Assurance Automation Engineer and Software Engineer in Test. As a certified SDET, your role will be to ensure that your company releases quality products.

SDET helps companies to minimize losses by addressing major flaws before product launches. Moreover, a Software Development Engineer in Test also corrects errors early on to prevent reputation damage.

SDET handles the entire quality assurance process to ensure the company releases quality products. Some companies still rely on Manual Quality Assurance Testers to test products, there will always be a place for Manual QA as we can not automate everything.

If you are looking for a high-paying and fulfilling job in IT, you should consider an SDET career. As a certified SDET in the US, you are likely to earn around $119,730 every year.

Here is a short description of the training we provide.

Spin Career Training Overview

6 recorded QA fundamentals classes

Unit One

QA and testing. Bug management. Test Cases management. Agile. Working with requirements. Testing Types. Tests Execution and QA reporting.

We start from the very simple terms and at the very beginning, you will get the fundamentals of Manual Testing. The idea is to get the mindset first and then learn more advanced things step by step.

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of an SDET engineer.

Unit Two

Java programming for Automation QA

Java coding. Learning by doing format with Selenium Web Driver. Environment setup. Git. Maven. Everything starts from the environment setup. Commit your first line of code. This unit is designed to cover Java for Automation QA and is fully based on practice. Each class has examples with Selenium Web Driver so that we can study programming language creating test automation scenarios.

Unit Three

Selenium WebDriver. UI Tests Automation.

Selenium WebDriver library. Java coding. Test Automation Framework. Page Object pattern. You will learn step by step what is the Selenium WD. How to create a BDD Test Automation Framework with the best practices like Page Object pattern. Getting more and more hands-on coding experience with Java language.

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Unit Four

Continuous Integration

Best practices of Test Automation with Jenkins pipelines creating. Jenkins plugins. Basics of groovy language. Test Automation Reports. You will get the experience of creating tests execution by schedule. The access to Jenkins instance will be provided to manage a pipeline and perform basic plugins settings as scheduled a daily run and send an email with the link to the Test Automation report.

Unit Five

2 weeks of Internship

Working in groups. Starts with planning then each student gets a JIRA ticket to automate test cases. The group will be responsible for the quality of the new product version. In the end, you will provide an execution report. Each failed scenario must be linked to the bug in Bug Tracking System. The report should show how many test cases were executed. How many passed and failed.

Real project experience will give you confidence during the interview and a record in your resume file. This is a unique and important unit that will allow you to expand all the skills you achieved during the Automation QA program.

Unit Six

Resume and Interview preparation

Resume preparation. Mastering Interview skills. Best practices live hacks, red flags after this class, you will get the important aspects of what you need to do to find a job. Very detailed instructions will be provided to craft your resume and post it on different platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor. You get the practical steps that you need to do to get your goal achieved – get the job offer. Follow the steps and be ready for the next steps after graduation.

Spin Career Offers Personalized Support

You will receive the best One-to-one call for resume assistance. We will ask you questions related to your past experience and we will come up with the best options for your resume. Apart from the technical skills, you will also need to work on your soft skills. Soft skills, also known as interpersonal skills, will play a vital role in your career: Professionalism, Best Practices, Public Speaking.

Final Thoughts

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Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Oct 19, 2021