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Software testing is a process of evaluating the usability, performance, and reliability of computer software. A software tester is a person who performs these evaluations.

An offer from a large IT company is the cherished desire of many IT specialists. However, along with the offer, a contract with an IT company comes into the IT specialist’s life.

Nowadays, with the help of digital technologies, learning has become much more flexible and convenient. You can take an online course and learn a new skill set at your convenience from the comfort of your own home.

What does it do? With the development of technology many new terms we do not understand have emerged. Have you heard about the QA Manual? Do you want to know more? We bet you do, as working in the IT sector is not only desirable, but it also carries a lot of income to everyone involved.

Testing specialists are conditionally divided into QA Manual and QA Automation. The work of the former consists in writing test scripts and manually checking applications – not always and not only, but these actions are at the heart of the profession. QA Automation engineers primarily create automated tests.

Even an experienced candidate can get nervous at an interview, especially if he really wants to get a job in a company. Therefore, it is important to think over the answers to possible questions in advance and avoid common mistakes.

Working in IT attracts with high salaries, dynamic projects, and the potential for relocation to anywhere in the world. How to get a job in an IT company?

Online education solves different problems. Some people study to improve their skills and advance in their careers, others learn a new profession and start from scratch.

Financial institutions all around the world have seen a spectacular industrial transformation thanks to financial technology. Financial institutions have reaped enormous benefits from Fintech software and applications that enhance financial processes thanks to this technology.

The trend of open-source software usage among companies continues to grow. It’s no surprise, because open source is a more accessible and easier way to reach business goals using the software, and developers are well aware of that.

Is your current testing process allowing you to catch every bug before each new release? Do you feel that testing is slowing you down? These best QA practices are going to change the way you incorporate testing into your…

Testing is a concept that is known to many in the tech industry. This entails designing and constructing a product or software system, then testing it repeatedly until it works.

Quality assurance is crucial while the tech product is being introduced. You must develop a QA test strategy regardless of whether you’re doing tests inside or outsourcing this to a QA team. This will guarantee that nothing is overlooked when conducting quality control.

Making a mobile app is a really challenging task. It’s much tougher to create an app that users adore, use a lot, and help your business expand. It might be difficult to create an app that is even close to ideal. Even while you might just want to sit down, create an app, and pray for the best, you need to invest some effort in developing a solid plan.

Being a game tester may be a rewarding career choice for people with a background in technology and the gaming business. Professionals in this industry have the opportunity to work with studios that create well-known video game franchises, test new games, and insert special features.

Many people in the tech industry claim that quality assurance is one of the most easygoing yet highly paid specializations in IT. At first sight, it looks like you don’t have to have vast expertise at the start to qualify for an entry-level position in the quality assurance field.

Have you heard about Ada Lovelace Day?

If you haven’t, chances are high this article with surprise you with a number of women who had a huge impact on the tech world. To celebrate their achievements and hard work that oftentimes wasn’t noticed as it deserved, Ada Lovelace Day was created on October, 11th.

One of the most important steps in the software development process is quality assurance, which works in tandem with development itself. A quality assurance tester can’t be just anyone — this job is for responsible and fast-learning people with creative minds, who can master not only basic QA skills but also more advanced ones.

Wikipedia declares: there are about 700 different types of programming languages in the world, while others tell about the number of 9000. Countless programming languages have been created throughout history.

There has been an explosion of online courses and different tutorials over the past few years. Coding is no exception. If you want to learn a new profession, choose professional coding courses.

Technology is a double-edged sword. On the other hand, we have features that are constantly changing and evolving due to the rapid development of technology. On the other hand, the pace and the speed of technology development can cause developers to become unnecessary if they will not improve their skills.

In general, QA means that the final product is ready for users. In the technology world, this means that apps and devices are bug-free. This gives credibility for the company and the product, and users have a guarantee that they will not waste their money.

Everyone agrees that user experience (UX) is the key to the success of an app. But many developers do not pay enough attention to this. Case in point: only 55% of companies conduct UX testing. The truth is that you can’t get the UX immediately when you want and without the input of end users.

Did you study manual testing courses, but then become a programmer? Do you want to improve your skills? This handy guide is to help you for sure. Whether you’re just starting or already working on becoming a better programmer, check out these easy steps.

The goal of automated testing solutions has changed from reducing testing time to improving coverage and using test cases better.

The market for software development is very competitive. Companies must not only guarantee the quality of products but also act quickly to meet consumer demands.

A quality analyst, quality engineer, and SDET all have diverse skill sets, organization’s project complexity and requirements should define the need for a particular of quality expert.

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