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Online Automation QA training course for

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Those who lost their jobs because of the crisis and are having difficulty finding a new one

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Seekers of a better job

People who are tired working without career growth and looking for a better job and salary and want to gain a promising high-paid position in Tech

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Stay-at-Home Moms

Stay-at-home moms who seek to change their lifestyle and provide for themselves

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Immigrants in the USA who want to settle in and begin making the American dream come true

Why You Should Start QA Engineer Training Now

Huge demand and shortage of Automation QA engineers

The Automation QA market is flooded with vacancies. Many top companies lack specialists. At the moment, there are few Automation QA courses, which creates such a situation. But this will change soon, so you need to start learning and building a career as soon as possible.

72% of QA Engineer jobs are Remote/Work From Home

It will be easier and less stressful for you to apply for a job in the IT software quality assurance department. You also have the opportunity to work remotely

Prestigious and high-paid job

Many start their journey with Manual QA, and only then improve their qualifications and learn Automation. But you can start right away from the top tier, waste no time and start making more than $10K/month in less than six months. The Automation QA course includes the necessary modules from the Manual QA course

Our Team

Alex Kara
Alex Kara

Spin Career leader. Has 9+ years of Software Quality Assurance experience leading teams at Verizon, CoreLogic, US Bank, Expedia.

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Dmitriy G
Dmitriy Gordienko

Senior Software QA engineer at Facebook. 8 years of experience. Test Automation expert, SDET.

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Spin Career in numbers

04 months of studying
1.5 hours per day on
150+ questions for
job interviev
100K+ your average salary per
04 internship classes
01 mock interviev
01 one-to-one call for resume assistance

What Is Included in Our Course

Personal account

You get your private account on the software quality assurance course platform where you can see all the lessons, handouts, videos and tasks.


You get your personal mentor who will support you during and after the software quality assurance training course and will answer all your questions.

Assignments checking

You get the opportunity to have all your practical assignments manually checked by a professional. You get valuable pieces of advice at every level of your development in a software quality assurance career.


You get a lot of practice which is perhaps the most important factor in becoming a software quality assurance technician. Practice does make perfect and it is usually useless without professional guidance.

QA Community

You get access to the private chat of like-minded people interested in quality assurance software testing and training who understand what you are going through like nobody else.

Focus on Results

The goal of our software quality assurance course is you getting the result. You study nothing but the things you will actually use in your future job in software testing.

Post-Course Support

We will be there for you when you will be going to the first job interview, when you will visit your workplace for the first time, when you will have to find your first bug at work. You can ask any question about software quality assurnace any moment even when the course is finished.

Course Syllabus

99% of the the software quality assurance training classes are INTERACTIVE and LIVE. Some classes are prerecorded so you can watch the lessons any time that is comfortable for you. After each lesson you will be given handouts with technical course material.

The internship classes are also live for you to get real practical experience and professional skill-checking.

All live classes will be held on Tuesday, Thursday 5.30PM PST and Sunday 11AM PST

6 recorded QA fundamentals classes with Iaroslava, Natalie and Alex

QA and software testing. Bug management. Automated and manual Test Cases management. Agile. Working with requirements. Software Testing Types. Tests Execution and typical QA engineers reporting.

We start from the very simple terms and at the very beginning you will get the foundamentals of Manual Testing for QA engineers. The idea is to get the mindset first and then learn more advanced things step by step.

Java programming for Automation QA

Java coding. Learning by doing format with Selenium Web Driver. Environment setup. Git. Maven.

Everything starts from environment setup for QA engineers. Commit your first line of code. This unit is designed to cover Java for Automation QA and fully based on practice. Each class has examples with Selenium Web Driver so that we can study programming language creating automation testing scenarios.

Selenium WebDriver. UI Tests Automation.

Selenium WebDriver library. Java coding. Automation testing Framework. Page Object pattern for QA engineers. Cross browser testing

You will learn step by step on what is the Selenium WD. How to create a BDD Test Automation Framework with the best practices like Page Object pattern. Getting more and more hands on coding experience with Java language.

Continious Integration

Best practices of Automation Testing with Jenkins pipelines creating. Jenkins plugins. Basics of grooy language. Automation testing Reports.

You will get the experience creating automated tests execution by schedule. The access to Jenkins instance will be provided to manage a pipeline and perform basic plugins settings as schedule a daily run and send an email with the link to the automated system testing report.

2 weeks of Internship

Working in the groups. Starts from planning then each students gets a JIRA ticket for automation testing cases in our qa testing training. The group will be responsible for the quality of the new produce version. At the end you will provide execution report when doing performance testing. Each failed scenario must be linked to the bug in Bug Tracking System. The report should show how many test cases were executed. How many passed and failed the performance testing process.

Real project experience will give you confidence during interview and a record to your resume file. This is unique and important unit that will allow you to expand all the skills you achived during the Automation QA program.

Resume and Interview preparation

Resume preparation. Mastering Interview skills. Best practices, live hacks, red flags

After this class, you will get the important aspects of what you need to do to find the job. Very detailed instractions will be provided to craft your resume and post it on different platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor. You get the practical steps what you need to do to get your goal achived - get the job offer. Follow the steps and be ready for the next steps after graduation.

By Alex Kara & Dmitriy Gordienko

One-to-one call for resume assistance

We will ask you questions related to your past experience and we will come up with the best options for your resume.

By Alex Kara

One-to-one call for MOCK INTERVIEW. You will see how the technical interview goes in real life

You will get the real interview one-to-one session with us and then receive a feedback with the areas that you need to fill up.

Your Main Result After Finishing The Course

Your main result after finishing the course

You have mastered the profession of Automation QA. You work for a reputable company and have career growth opportunities. Your interview was a huge success because you were well prepared. Lack of tech experience and diploma did not become an obstacle on your path. Now you feel that you have finally found your place in this country. You no longer need to worry about money, credit cards or health insurance. You are confident in your future and can enjoy life in America. You have become a role model in your environment!

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  • Questions for preparation for job interview
  • Practical assignments
  • 4 months of assignments checking
  • 4 live internship lessons
  • Individual mock interview
  • One-to-one call for resume assistance
  • Personal professional support and help
  • Private chat with instructors and other students
  • Certificate of completion
  • Post-course support and advice
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Upfront Enrollment
  • Personal account on the course platform
  • Extra files for studying
  • Questions for preparation for job interview
  • Practical assignments
  • 4 months of assignments checking
  • 4 live internship lessons
  • Individual mock interview
  • One-to-one call for resume assistance
  • Personal professional support and help
  • Private chat with instructors and other students
  • Certificate of completion
  • Post-course support and advice.

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We Guarantee You

Your main result after finishing the course

We are sure about the quality of knowledge we provide and the result you are going to get. Thus, we guarantee the refund due to any reason you have.

If you doubt whether you are really interested in software quality assurance and quality control, you have time to make a final decision — 7 days from the course start. You can request your money back within 7 days. After that your payment cannot be cancelled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do I need to start with the Automation QA course?

Automation Quality Assurance course would require good computer skills. Prior experience working with computer is something that you need to get started with the program. Working in the Microsoft Office and other similar tools is an essential skill. If you are not sure about the level of you skills please write to our email to get interviewed before enrolling. Our email is info@spincareer.com

Do you help with creating a resume?

Do you set homework?

Do you help with getting a job offer after completing a course?

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