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SDET Certification – Software Development Engineer in Testing

Most organizations are hiring certified SDET to handle the entire quality assurance process. With the demand for SDET set to increase over the years, it would be best to consider an SDET career. You will earn more than $119,000 as an SDET in the US. Moreover, an SDET career might give you great satisfaction and job security.

To become a certified SDET, you have to join an SDET training program. Joining the right training program will equip you with the skills you need to succeed in your new role.

This guide will help you discover everything about SDET certification.

SDET Certification Overview

SDET training programs are probably the most in-demand IT programs in the market today. A Software Development Engineer in Test program is designed to help individuals become successful SDET. The program is ideal for both experienced and novice individuals.

Moreover, the program is designed to equip you with tools and skills to combine software testing and development to automate the entire QA process. Some of the tools used by SDET include Selenium and Java.

The certification program takes around 4 months and covers both technical and non-technical skills. This is because students require both soft skills and technical skills to succeed in their new roles. The non-technical part of this training program is designed to equip you with essential interpersonal skills that will help you succeed individually and as part of a team.

Students will learn the Java programming language. Our front-end automation level equips students with skills to test frameworks like Cucumber, Junit, REST, Selenium, WebDriver, and more.

The final level gives the students the skills to test databases and API.

SDET Certification Program Languages and Tools

During the SDET certification program, you will also learn how to use various tools and languages. You will learn various tools and languages, including Java, Test NG, Cucumber, SQL, Junit, WebDriver, GIT, Maven, and Selenium.

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SDET Certification Portfolio

As you learn SDET, you need to prove to potential employers that you can handle real-life projects. You will have the chance to hone your SDET skills by working on several projects to show your skills to potential employers. These projects can be completed individually or as part of a team.

How to Prepare for an SDET Career

Before completing your SDET certification program, certified instructors will prepare you for your career. Here is how your instructor will prepare you for a successful career:

Creating a Portfolio

You need to prove that you have the skills to handle SDET projects. This is why your instructors will help you develop a project portfolio to prove your skills to employers.

Building your Resume and SDET Job Description

Your certified instructors and mentors will also help you develop your resume. Be sure to research the SDET Job Description we created. They will make sure that you will fine-tune it according to the latest technological trends.

Mock Interviews

The instructors will also prepare you for your first SDET interview by conducting mock interviews.

Wrapping Up

An SDET certification will make you indispensable to any company. Join our Automation QA training program today to open your doors to a fulfilling career. 




Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Oct 19, 2021