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What is SDET? Skills Needed to Become, Roles and Responsibilities

What is SDET?

An SDET, also known as Software Development Engineer in Test, or Software Design Engineer in Test, is integral to any team. These experts have the skills and education to handle the entire software development and testing process.

Typically, an SDET works in a range of IT fields like hospitality, gaming, finance, entertainment, education, and more. As a certified SDET expert, your role will be to test the performance and efficiency of the product. 

To have a fulfilling and successful SDET career, you will need advanced programming skills and testing tools to assist in the testing process. You also need top-notch communication skills and passion for the career. It is also vital to brush up on your skills to keep up with the latest technological changes.

SDET Roles and Responsibilities

An SDET performs various tasks and roles to aid in the software development process. Let’s discuss these responsibilities below:

Extensive Code Knowledge

SDET should possess impeccable code knowledge. Further, they should understand how code works with other components.

Project Management Skills

SDET should know project documents, product objectives, and customer demands. This knowledge enables them to create practical and executable test cases.

Set-Up Test Automation Frameworks

An SDET should set up, maintain, and perform test automation frameworks on various web and mobile platforms.

Technical Communication Skills

Moreover, an SDET should have technical communication skills to succeed as part of a team.

Team Player

SDET also collaborates with deployment teams to resolve functional and design issues.

SDET Skills

In addition,  SDET analyzes software systems and works with other teams to create a seamless design.

An SDET should also conduct regular research to discover new test tools and methodology.

Finally, an SDET should oversee the ultimate quality of the production release.

SDET Training

SDET Training is a certification that SDETs must take. SDET stands for Software Design Engineer in Test, and they are responsible for testing software to ensure it operates correctly. SDET training teaches SDETS the best way to test software, how to write effective bug reports, and other relevant topics related to SDET work. If you’re interested in becoming an SDET, then SDET training will be very important for your career!

SDET Requirements and Certification

Now that you know what is expected as an SDET, let’s discuss the requirements you need to become SDET certified:

  • You need top-notch programming and designing skills.
  • An excellent understanding of programming languages and their interaction with other systems.
  • Extensive knowledge of process management methodology.
  • The understanding of test methodologies and testing tools.
  • Behavior Driven Development experience in testing and programming.
  • The knowledge and skills to identify flaws and risks in both web and mobile applications.
  • You must possess great communication skills.
  • The willingness to keep up with changing technological trends.
  • Passion for software testing and development.
  • You should keep learning by enrolling in advanced programs and related IT certifications.

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Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Oct 19, 2021