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Professional Software Quality Assurance Training Course is for

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Those who lost their jobs because of the crisis and are having difficulty finding a new one

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Seekers of a better job

People who are tired working without career growth and looking for a better job and salary and want to gain a promising high-paid position in Tech

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Stay-at-Home Moms

Stay-at-home moms who seek to change their lifestyle and provide for themselves

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Immigrants in the USA who want to settle in and begin making the American dream come true

Why Start Now

You have few competitors now

While there aren't many courses for mastering software quality assurance, there aren't many professionals. Thus, software quality assurance QA-specialists are in demand.

72% of the jobs are remote offers

It will be easier and less stressful for you to get a job in IT tech software quality assurance.

It's easy to learn from scratch

Software quality assurance is a comparatively new field. However, the longer you wait, the more it is developing and the harder the start in your software quality assurance career becomes.

Our Team

Alex Kara
Alex Kara

Spin Career leader. Has 9+ years of Software Quality Assurance experience leading teams at Verizon, CoreLogic, US Bank, Expedia.

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Natalie Sinipolskaya
Natalie Sinipolskaya

QA Spin instructor. QA at Google. Self made QA expert with experience in manual testing, managing teams, IT interviewing, mentoring and previous teaching background experience.

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Iaroslava Kornachevska
Iaroslava Kornachevska

QA Spin instructor. Senior QA Engineer at Apple. Has 7+ years of experience in QA working as Manual and Automation Quality Assurance Engineer.

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What Is Included in Our Course

Personal account

You get your private account on the software quality assurance course platform where you can see all the lessons, handouts, videos and tasks.


You get your personal mentor who will support you during and after the software quality assurance training course and will answer all your questions.

Assignments checking

You get the opportunity to have all your practical assignments manually checked by a professional. You get valuable pieces of advice at every level of your development in a software quality assurance career.


You get a lot of practice which is perhaps the most important factor in becoming a software quality assurance technician. Practice does make perfect and it is usually useless without professional guidance.

QA Community

You get access to the private chat of like-minded people interested in quality assurance software testing and training who understand what you are going through like nobody else.

Focus on Results

The goal of our software quality assurance course is you getting the result. You study nothing but the things you will actually use in your future job in software testing.

Post-Course Support

We will be there for you when you will be going to the first job interview, when you will visit your workplace for the first time, when you will have to find your first bug at work. You can ask any question about software quality assurnace any moment even when the course is finished.

Course Syllabus

All the software quality assurance training classes except the internship are prerecorded for your convenience. You don't have to quit your job or change your plans to become a quality assurance professional. You can watch the lessons any time that is comfortable for you. After each lesson you will be given handouts with technical course material.

The internship classes are live for you to get real practical experience and professional skill-checking. But don't worry, you will also be able to choose the time that is the most convenient for you.

Lesson with Natalie Sinipolska

Course plan. Purpose of testing. Who is a tester? Roles and responsibilities. What is a bug?

Lesson with Alex Kara

Art of test case creation. Test plan. Test strategy.

Lesson with Iaroslava Kornachevska

Requirements. Agile. SDLC. Waterfall.

Lesson with Natalie Sinipolska

Testing types. Testing activities in the real delivery cycle. Boundary values analysis. Equivalence partitioning.

Lesson with Alex Kara

TC creation techniques. Defect life cycle. Bug attributes. Bug-tracking system. JIRA, XRAY.

Lesson with Iaroslava Kornachevska

TDLC. Test case execution reporting. UI Testing. Web and mobile web testing.

Lesson with Natalie Sinipolska

Intro to mobile testing. Xcode. Android Studio. App install/uninstall. Log files.

Lesson with Alex Kara

Mobile testing: log files, exceptions (crashes, errors, screenshots, video recording). Repeated tests execution in a real project.


Your Main Result After Finishing The Course

Your main result after finishing the course

You are a software quality assurance QA professional. You are working for a reputable company and your career is holding great promise. Your job interview was a huge success. You were well prepared and having no experience working in the USA or no degree from an American university did not become an obstacle on your way. Now you feel that you finally found your place in this country. You no longer need to worry about money, credit cards or medical insurance. You are sure about your future and can enjoy your life in America. You proved everyone that you can make it!

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Your main result after finishing the course

We are sure about the quality of knowledge we provide and the result you are going to get. Thus, we guarantee the refund due to any reason you have.

If you doubt whether you are really interested in software quality assurance and quality control, you have time to make a final decision — 7 days from the course start. You can request your money back within 7 days. After that your payment cannot be cancelled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do I need to start with the Manual QA course?

You don't really need some specific skills like programming or mathematics to start with our manual QA training course or in our QA engineer training. Something that will help you a lot with further progress is your super MOTIVATION! Other than that experience working with computer and communication skills are 2 things that are not required but will help you as well.

Do you help with creating a resume?

Do you set homework?

Do you help with getting a job offer after completing a course?

What is the schedule for the programs?

I finished programming courses or a bootcamp and now I'm struggling to find a job, can you help me?

Do you have a Automation QA Course?

Weren't you called the "QA in USA" school?

Manual testing certification training course

Manual testing refers to a test process in which a QA manually tests the software application in order to identify bugs. To accomplish this, QAs adhere to a written test plan that describes a set of distinct test scenarios. The QA specialist is responsible for analyzing the performance of the web and/or mobile and/or backend service application from the perspective of the end user. It’s important to know that manual software testing doesn't provide you with feedback as fast as automated testing does, but it can find problems that automation might not be able to. Manual software testing techniques also differ depending on the type of application being tested and its features. 99% of the IT companies rely on manual testing when they are at the end of the release cycle and want to make sure that the final version of the product works as designed.

The Manual Testing certification training course will help you to understand the theoretical knowledge by getting practical skills that are required for manual testing. It provides all the necessary information about manual testing, such as how to develop test plans and test cases and execute them effectively. There are many different ways that someone can learn about manual testing course training. Online courses, tutorials, and even certification training from universities or online academics such as Spin Career.

About the manual testing course

The Manual QA program has all the required components to prepare future specialists by going through various challenges while completing the internship and doing practice. The course provides the latest and most efficient techniques and methods of software testing, which are designed with both manual and automated test cases. The students work a lot with the testing processes and testing techniques of finding defects as it is also known to be an important skill that every Quality Assurance professional needs to master. Even if the company has automation in place, it’s essential for testers to know what manual testing is. The course starts at the top level by teaching you about the basics of manual testing before diving into more advanced testing areas like Web, API, Mobile, and database testing.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • The important skills of a tester How to Become a Tester.
  • What are the jobs in software testing?
  • What is the difference between manual and automated testing?
  • What are the key points when performing manual testing?
  • Types of manual testing.
  • Stages of manual testing.
  • How to perform manual testing and a lot more.

Knowing more about the topics mentioned above is as easy as searching for them on your browser. However, there is one course in particular that has an outstanding reputation among both professionals and students alike: Spin Career's "Manual Testing Course" which is known to provide manual testing certification training courses that focus on how to write good test cases and debug code. The course will help students develop skills in areas such as web application testing, mobile app testing, and browser-based tests.

Who should take a manual testing course?

The question that arises is who should take a manual testing course. Well, funny enough, not everyone. It depends on you and your needs. If you’re considering a career in manual testing, then an online manual testing course would be the best option for you. Manual testers are responsible for making sure the software is functioning properly and working as expected. So if this is something that interests you, then get started with a manual testing course today. Though it is advisable that anyone looking to become a software QA should have basic computer skills like Word and Excel. Even with the shift of automated software testing by big IT companies, as it ensures that product quality is maintained, manual testing provides a different perspective as it offers an insight into what kind of user experience can be expected.

The most important factor in deciding whether or not to take a manual testing course is your current skill set and level of knowledge in the IT industry. It's important that you understand that browsing or watching tutorials won't teach you everything about software testing, but it will give you an introduction to what this field entails as well as provide hands-on experience with various tools for manual testing. But taking a manual testing course can help you to get a job and become an IT tester or advance your skill level as an IT tester and get a job in the IT industry.

Learn and get manual testing certificates.

The manual testing certificates are available to anyone who wants to learn how to apply their skills in manual testing and improve their abilities. There are countless online tutorials on this topic which can be taken from anywhere with internet access, and they don't necessarily need to be related to IT, but as mentioned earlier, just because you have access to these tutorials and an online search does not teach you everything, but just gives you an introduction to what the field entails. To get a full understanding of manual testing, check out the comprehensive manual testing course by Spin Career. Praised by both professionals and students alike, it is designed for people who want to become QAs and testers but don't know where to start. You can learn all the skills that you need with this course and use them in your job.

Why is manual testing required?

More IT companies opt for automated testing as manual testing can be time-consuming for some of these companies and also requires a lot of skill to be carried out effectively. The need for manual testers is never short as certain problems cannot be identified with automated testing tools and it is up to manual testers to uncover new bugs that might not have been found through automation. They also provide valuable feedback on what site visitors might think about the site, which is lost when tests are performed automatically in isolation.

Taking your first step into the world of manual testing can be seen as taking the same step to becoming a highly skilled QA specialist. As the field is becoming more competitive, the need to become a highly skilled tester is in demand. That is where Spin Career comes in, as it will assist you in becoming extremely skilled in this field. Do check our main page for more programs and, if interested, do not hesitate to start.

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