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Common SDET Interview Questions & Preparation Tips

Once you have completed SDET training you can consider yourself to be indispensable to any organization you choose to work for. As a Software Development Engineer in Test, you will be responsible for overseeing the entire software development process. But before you land your first high-paying job, you will have to undergo an interview. During the interview, you will be asked several questions to test your skills and personality profile.

In this guide, you will learn some of the most popular SDET interview questions and their answers. You will also learn the general pattern of these interview questions and how best to prepare for your interview.

How to Prepare for Your First SDET Interview

It is best to always walk into any interview room when fully prepared. This way, you will be able to answer all the questions that will be thrown at you. Preparing for your interview early on might also boost your confidence. So, read on to discover how you can prepare for your SDET interview:

First, you must be ready to learn a new language and technology. Learning a new language or technology is essential since these interviews focus on a language or technology.

Secondly, work on your communication and team skills. This is important since SDET engineers work in teams where communication is key.

Brush your SDET skills and understanding of various system designs concepts and functional requirements before the interview.

Typical Pattern Used for Most SDET Interviews

Each company has a specific format for interviewing SDET candidates. However, the common pattern for these interviews revolve around the following points:

  1. A telephone discussion with the manager and team members during the screening round.
  2. Testing various questions during the written round.
  3. Answering simple questions to test your coding skills.
  4. Testing your knowledge of basic development concepts, including SOLID Principles and OOP Concepts.
  5. Testing your understanding of the test automation framework design and development.
  6. Checking your understanding of scripting languages
  7. Determining if you fit into the company’s culture.
  8. Negotiations with the HR.

Top SDET Interview Questions

What is the Difference Between Manual Software Tester and SDET?

This is one of the most popular questions you might encounter during the interview. If asked this question, you should say that SDET can handle test automation while a manual tester is only involved in manual testing.

How Will You Balance Life with Your New Role?

The hiring manager is trying to gauge your expectations and the demands of your new role. Be honest when answering this question.

State the Difference Between Severity and Priority

Severity refers to the level of threat a bug poses to the system, while priority shows how important it is to fix the bug.

What Will Your Role Be as SDET?

SDET perform various roles, including:

  • Setting up frameworks on web and mobile platforms.
  • Conducting test automation.
  • Creating and managing bug reports.
  • Collaborating with the development team.
  • Getting in touch with clients.
  • Setting test automation frameworks as part of a team and individually.

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What Should Comprehensive Bug Reports Have?

A comprehensive bug report should have a detailed description of the bug and steps taken to fix it. It should also have a detailed description of its behavior.

What is Configuration Management?

Configuration management strives to keep track of possible problems, code, requested changes, and documentation. This process also monitors tools and designs.

What Can You Do to Create an Automation Strategy for Products With No Automation Tests?

The best way to handle this question is to let the hiring manager know how you dealt with a similar problem in the past. For instance, you can say that you started automation testing from scratch. You can also say that you developed the framework to test basic concepts.

Wrapping Up

SDET interview questions vary from one company to another. However, these questions are almost similar and test your skills and ability. If you want the highest possible SDET salary preparing for your interview early on will be crucial to help you handle SDET interview questions.

Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Oct 19, 2021