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Is Technology a Good Career Path? 9 Reasons Why It Is

I believe in life after death and in job after a humanitarian degree” – not many people with a degree in Humanities will find this joke funny. Employment of humanists is a very relevant topic, so we decided to compile a list of reasons why working in IT is an excellent choice for graduates of Humanities. If you want to become an IT professional, continue reading this guide to find out everything you need to know.

9 Reasons Why Technology is a Good Career Path

1. IT is always relevant

This point is relevant not only for the humanists but also for any person working in IT. In any case, if you choose this area, you can be sure that you will not be left without work!

2. Freedom of choice

No matter how paradoxical it may sound, a humanist who comes to IT can work as anyone. Unlike the same techies. Think about what a graduate of the Faculty of Information Technology, who came to IT, can work as? Most likely a programmer. It is slightly less likely to be a tester or project manager. Who will a graduate of an art academy become? Again, most likely a designer. In this regard, the humanities scholar has no framework. Project managers, HR, PR and account managers, technical writers, analysts, educators, content managers, testers, and even programmers – all of these positions have at least one person with a degree in Humanities, or even more!

3. Ability to apply your knowledge

It is widely believed that the knowledge gained in the humanities has practically no real practical value. There are real reasons for this, but there is no need to despair. The field of IT is surprisingly multifaceted, and, if desired, a practical application can be found for anything. Are you a historian? You will be torn apart in any GameDev studio that produces games with a historical component. Psychology will be very useful for HR, project manager, interface designer, department head, or team lead. There are many jobs available in such as software quality assurance engineers. Also, lawyers are also in great demand in the IT field. As for linguists and translators, the ability to work with texts and knowledge of foreign languages ​​is an extremely demanded skill! We will tell you more about this in more detail.

4. It’s not as scary as it seems

Many people believe that any job in the field of IT requires remarkable technical knowledge and appropriate education. But this is not entirely true. Of course, such knowledge is necessary for a programmer or system administrator, but in other jobs, they are more of a plus than a requirement. For a project manager, for example, communication skills and the ability to negotiate are much more important, for a tester – being attentive and meticulous, for a technical writer – the ability to get information and clearly express your thoughts.

5. Every day brings something new

This point is pretty obvious. The transition to a new area is always associated with a lot of new information, and if before you dealt with Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway, then a sudden transition to applications and features can lead to cognitive dissonance. At first, your head will be dizzy from the abundance of incomprehensible terms, and from the conversation of colleagues in the kitchen, you will understand only every third word, completely missing the point of the dialogue. The good news is that it goes away pretty quickly: after a week you begin to understand what is happening, and after a couple of months you feel like a duck in water.

Every humanist who comes to IT, over time, begins to understand what an API is, how bug trackers work, and how a framework differs from a development environment. There were cases when this person was so keen on learning all this that became a developer or head of the systems analytics department. So if you like to learn something new, IT is your choice!

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6. Working with text

Every humanist likes to tinker with the text, choosing formulations, honing phrases, and bringing the result to unimaginable perfection. Good news! In IT you will have the opportunity to do this! The fact is that not all techies like to work with large texts, so if there is someone ready to take on this work, they will happily give him this task and add donuts on top. The texts can be anything from interfaces, instructions, and specifications to letters to customers and blog articles.

7. Creating products for people

Probably, every person needs to know that their work is important and brings practical benefits. In IT, you can not only participate in the development of products that will be used by thousands (maybe millions) of people, but also make these products closer and more understandable to ordinary users. Programmers (like any technician) are well-versed in how everything works, and sometimes due to this, they can lose sight of how the average person perceives their products and interfaces. This is how tricky input forms appear, menus in which it is impossible to find something, and completely wild error messages like “A user with this username field value is already authenticated in the system” or even “Error: Operation successful”.

Moreover, programmers themselves, may not understand what this is about or think that this is the “intuitive” interface since they understand it themselves. In such cases, project managers (and sometimes programmers themselves) often involve humanists to work with the application and find points that can cause confusion or misunderstanding for a technically inexperienced person.

8. Respect

Another point that will not become obvious until you get a job in an IT company. On the internet, you can find many jokes that techies dislike humanitarians. But in real life, things are exactly the opposite: in everything that concerns literacy, correct pronunciation, foreign languages, ​​and similar issues, the opinion of a linguist is highly valued and becomes decisive. On some of our projects, it came to the point that a special status “Discuss with linguists” was added to the bug-tracker, which flattered the ego of these very linguists.

9. Donuts and attention

It’s no secret that many humanists are charming girls, while most of the programmers are still guys. In this regard, any girl from Humanities who comes to work in IT can count on good company, attention, compliments, and small gifts in the form of sweets, donuts, or chocolates on the desk. Based on our personal experience!

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