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Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) Salary

If you are considering a career in IT, it is best to choose a path that will open your doors to a high-paying and fulfilling career opportunity. One such role is SDET. A certified SDET is indispensable to any organization because they can handle the entire software development process.

As is the case with any career path, you must evaluate the salary to decide if it is the right choice. Today we will discuss everything you need to know about SDET salary. 

SDET Salary Overview

In the US, a Software Development Engineer in Test takes home around $119,730 every year on average. However, the salary varies due to various factors, including location, expertise, and the employer.

Other factors such as your level of education, performance, and direct reports will also influence your salary. The relevance of your education and reputation also affect the salary.

SDET Salary in California

SDET in California the average salary is around $119,000. The least paid SDET earns around $105,700 while the highest-paid earns about $139,850. SDET salary in California ranges due to various factors such as location, certification, experience, education, performance, and additional skills.

SDET Salary in Dallas, Texas

The average SDET salary in Dallas, Texas, is around $109,400. The least-paid SDET in the city takes home $85,843, while the highest-paid earns $120,700. Your exact salary will be determined by your expertise, certifications, relevant skills, and education.

SDET Salary in Alaska

SDET in Alaska takes home $119,500 on average. Typically, the best-paid SDET earns $ 126,537 while the worst-paid takes home $112,000. Keep in mind that your actual salary will depend on various factors like your level of education, certifications, and your employer, and the city in Alaska. The number of years you have been working as SDET will also determine the salary.

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SDET Salary in Alabama

On average, SDET is $92,991 in Alabama, with the highest-paid earning $129,066 while the least paid to earn $80,961. As is the case with the other states, your education and experience will determine your actual salary in the city of Alabama.

SDET Salary Arizona

SDET in Arizona earns around $109,788 on average. The salary ranges from $95,426 to $119,253, depending on the level of education, the city in Arizona, employer, level of expertise, and certifications.

SDET Salary in Colorado

In Colorado, SDET earns around $110,562 on average. The salary ranges from $95,145 to $120,089 based on the city in Colorado, your expertise, and your skills.

SDET Salary in Ohio

If you are working in Ohio, you can expect to earn around $115,649. The salary ranges from $90,365 to $135,021, depending on many important factors like the Ohio city and your attributes.

SDET Salary in Wyoming

SDET doesn’t earn so much in Wyoming compared with other states. On average, SDET earns around $95,628, with the highest paying earning about $119,347 and the least paid to earn $86,900.

Final Thoughts

A career as an SDET gives you great career satisfaction and work-life balance. Above all, you have the chance to earn a great salary and progress in your career. Pursuing a career in IT can be rewarding. Join our team of experts to ensure you get the best training available in QA Test Automation 




Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Oct 19, 2021