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How to Write a Good Resume for IT Profession?

On average, an interviewer spends 1-1.5 minutes to read one resume and the sheet is viewed diagonally. If the specified criteria are met, they will read the resume a little more carefully. You have one minute to “sell” yourself. Therefore, it is important to highlight the most important points according to my experience.

Size Matters

The size is no more than 1.5 pages. This is something that catches your eye right away: the resume must be concise. Many are trying to write their autobiography and describe the experience in tens or hundreds of lines. Try to squeeze out the most important: the interviewer does not read more than 3 sheets and in better case ─ one page or one and a half.

Be Descriptive About The Results

Describe the results. It’s great when the resume is structured according to the principle of “responsibilities + achievements”. Not just “participated in testing”, but it is written, what the worker was responsible for and what they were asked to do. There are achievements in the work of any specialist: significant releases, released features, and career growth ─ this is very important, it must be included.

Include Tools You Used

Experience and tools match. For example, if a person participated in mobile testing, the toolkit that is typical for mobile testing is mentioned. For example, Fiddler, Charles, Android Studio, or Xcode. If you tested the backend ─ Insomnia, Postman, and so on. The question now is how the specialist is familiar with the work when they only have experience without tools, and vice versa ─ the tools look like keywords without real experience of use. For example, they included Zabbix, and the engineer has been doing client testing all their life ─ it means they probably worked very little with Zabbix.

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Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Aug 30, 2021
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