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Postman most common issues troubleshoot

Here you will find the most common issues related to Postman usage that students face during practice.

Unauthorized 401 & access token

I tried o create a student (a user) and got error 401 unauthorized. What’s wrong?

Let’s try 2 ways: 1) user is created by itself and 2) logged in admin creates a user

Manage environments and Environment variables

I got no response or I got some error in my response with saying something like Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND {{url}}

Let’s try: Make sure you use v7 Postman, you can download it by the link: MacOS: 64 Windows 64-bit:

The method is not supported

I spent hours trying to make it work but still, it shows the method is not supported.
“error”: {
“status”: 405,
“title”: “Method Not Allowed”,
“message”: “POST method is not supported at /api/users/register/user%20.”

Always check for extra symbols at the end or at the beginning or URL or other values like login and password

Extra symbols. 401 Unauthorized.

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Postman shows me some errors and I see 401 unauthorized. What should I do?

Always check for extra symbols at the end or at the beginning or URL or other values like login and password

What is Bearer Access token ID and how to use it?

Authorization is working through the ID so instead of doing a login for each request we reuse this ID that was originally generated when you have done the first login with your email and password. Every time you do a new login with login and password the ID will be auto-generated again.

Bearer token how to use it

How to work with variables to save an access token and reuse them?

I don’t want to copy and paste a token and other values from the response so how can I use variables instead?

Get a more advanced way of reusing data in your response and use it in other requests

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Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Jul 16, 2021
Manual QA