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How to Move From Manual to Automation QA

Let’s say you’ve decided that you want to be a tester. But you still find it difficult to choose the field, because both manual and automated testing seem interesting and tempting to you?

Is it difficult to move from one field to another if the choice has already been made? Let’s discuss all the complexities of moving from manual testing to automation in this article.

Difficulties of Change

Each of us tends to grow and change the field of activity over time. One day a specialist wants to try something new. Sometimes it can be a radical transition to another area, for example, into business analysis, and sometimes into another field of testing.

There are several reasons that can stop a specialist from making the desired transition. Let’s dwell on them in more detail.

1. Lack of knowledge

This is a clear and objective reason. The activity of specialists in manual testing and automation is different. However, while working with automation specialists on the same project, you can learn more about their work and gain the most basic knowledge, such as basic terms, tools, approaches and technologies they use. Yes, perhaps this knowledge will not be enough to start a career in the field of automation, but in the future you will definitely not feel like a beginner.

2. Doubts: “Is this my cup of tea?”

Leaving your comfort zone is always difficult, but stress is an integral part of any professional’s growth. In any case, this risk will be justified, especially if you love your new job. Once you realize that fear is an attempt to protect yourself from failure, then you can overcome it. Remember, there is no such thing as safe or predictable change, so keep working on your determination.

3. Lack of time for development

Perhaps this is one of the most important reasons. Discuss the situation with your supervisor and ask them to reduce the workload. If you do not plan to stretch your test automation training for a long period and still want to have free time, take a vacation.

Where to Start?

1. Learning programming languages

Perhaps the need for knowledge of programming languages is the biggest difference between manual and automated testing. And although it will be difficult to study them, automation is impossible without them.

It is difficult to predict which project and which language you will be working on, so it is worth starting with the most popular ones, such as Java and Python. In addition, skills in XML, HTML, CSS, XP and SOAP will be useful.

2. Study on your own or take courses

If you do not know where to start or want to organize your knowledge, taking courses on test automation is a good option. Such training can take place both online and offline, so choose a format convenient for you.

Typically, training consists of three modules:

  • learning the basics of test automation;
  • work with the principles of object-oriented programming;
  • application of knowledge in practice, namely, writing automated tests.

This plan is universal, take note of it even if you are learning on your own.

3. Movement means life

Keep practicing and learning to use what you’ve learned. Automation can seem scary when you first encounter it. But all that is required of you to master this field is time and patience.

No matter how good you are in automation, there is always a lot to learn, because even experts don’t know absolutely everything. Also, keep in mind that you will need to develop strong communication skills. Fortunately, there are many information resources at your disposal. There are hundreds of online guides, forums, conferences, meetings, communities and social media, you just have to find them.

In addition, SPINCAREER Academy has a professional-level test automation course designed for those who want to learn how to create complex automation solutions on customer projects.

Where to Get Inspiration if Your Motivation Is Running Out?

Yes, the path to a new direction seems thorny and difficult. But the main thing here is not to stop and not give up what you started. Here are a few motivational points to think about at a tough time.

Understanding the purpose

Learning will not be easy and it will not always be fun, so it is important to be clear about the opportunities it opens up for you. Once you see the prospects ahead, it will be much easier to spend your free time learning. Always pay attention to how much you have already accomplished, not how much remains to be done.


If you are taking an automation course, it can be very motivating to want to be one of the best students in the class and get a recommendation. Well, or at least not owe anyone.

Peer support

Surely many of your colleagues have gone a similar path, so their support and practical advice will come in handy.

What Is the Minimum Knowledge You Must Have

  • understanding what needs to be automated;
  • being familiar with one or two unit frameworks;
  • knowledge of the basics of any object-oriented programming language (or better several);
  • knowledge of Selenium WebD

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Summarizing all of the above, we can say that the transition to automation is a serious step that will improve your abilities and skills in the field of testing. Here are some tips on how to become a good professional:

  • constantly learn about about new technologies and trends;
  • be able to leave your comfort zone;
  • be sure to keep learning programming languages;
  • explore as many online resources as possible: articles, blogs, videos or tutorials;
  • analyze and prioritize tasks correctly so as not to waste time;
  • practice, never forget to experiment and apply new knowledge;
  • remember that experience is the key to success in the test automation job.

Good luck!

Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Aug 15, 2021
Automation QA