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Best Software Testing Books for Beginners

If you want to take your software testing skills to the next level, this article is for you. You can turn to several online resources to grow your skills. Although online resources have enough knowledge to develop your skills, you, like many others, may prefer to read books. Today we will discuss the best software testing books for beginners.

Best Software Testing Books

Buddha in Testing: Finding Peace in Chaos

This book was published in January 2020 by Mr. Pradeep Soundararajan and is popular in several book stores. Mr. Pradeep Soundararajan has worked as a software tester for quite some time and seeks to prepare novice testers for the chaos they might face in this industry.

Moreover, this book is an excellent read for software testers who find it hard to balance producing excellent work amid the chaos. Among the elements discussed in this book include testing as a feedback loop. The book also discusses software testing equations and other vital components.

The Art of Software Testing, Third Edition

The book was written and published by Glenford J. Myers, Tom Badgett, and Corey Sandra in 1979. This book seeks to equip beginners with tested and proven software testing techniques that will prove crucial in your new career. The topics covered in the book include internet application testing, psychology of software testing, mobile application testing, and test case-design testing in an agile environment.

The latest edition covers additional topics, including testing internet applications and tests performed for various mobile apps on different operating systems. It also covers multiple websites in agile environments and e-commerce situations. This book should be your go-to option if you want to take your skills to the next level.

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Learning Selenium IDE Automation Testing Tool

This book was released in 2017 by Nuzhat Parveen Khan, the dean In the law school at Bennett University. He is also an author and a scholar. The author has also released other software testing books, notably “A Manual Testing Guide for Beginners and Software Testing: Selenium for Beginners.”

This latest edition focuses on Selenium Integrated Development Environment, an automated testing tool for web applications. Beginners will get helpful tips on how best to use this tool.

Software Testing Paperback

Ron Patton wrote the book to provide a comprehensive insight into the secrets of software testing. This book also provides essential tools for identifying problems in all computer applications. Readers also learn vital tips for planning a successful software testing approach.

Foundation of Software Testing ISTQB Certification Paperback

ISTQB awards certifications to software testing specialists. This book is an essential tool for any tester who wants to become certified. The book offers a comprehensive insight into the certificate and has many mock tests to prepare you for the exam.

The Dummies’ guide Software Testing

This book was released by Venkatanarasiman K. in 2018. It will prepare you for your software testing career. Moreover, this book strives to get you started on your adventure in an easy and enjoyable format. It also contains a reference to additional learning materials.

Summing up, these software testing books will be a helpful resource for you as a future/ current software tester. You can also join our online academy, Spin Career, to grow your skills.

Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Aug 27, 2021
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