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What is Income Share Agreement or ISA?

Does the Spin Career offer ISA?

The short answer is yes.  And we do that for a certain reason because there are some customers who sometimes ask for that. We do this more as an exception because having the agreement signed for a long time actually scares and you don’t want to get any commitments at the very beginning of your road to the IT dream job. 

Income Share Agreement – When do payments begin?

Once you complete the program, we will work with you to verify your income. Once you are earning above the Minimum Income Threshold, you will make monthly payments of 11% of your pre-tax monthly income through the Leif portal.

Do you want to join us?

Leave an application and get a free consultation from our manager.

  • Help in choosing a direction
  • Course consultation
  • Additional materials for the start

Income Share Agreement – Benefits

* Aligned incentives = no unnecessary financial risk
* Attend school for no money down
* Only make payments when you achieve career success

Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Jul 16, 2021
IT Careers