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Starting a Career in IT at 40

Are you considering a midlife career change? Regardless of your life circumstances, a career change is a perfect opportunity to think about your work-life balance and fulfill your career objectives. Changing your career at 40 and beyond can be the ideal time to choose a career that suits your experience and interests. It is also the right time to start your career as an IT tech.

Continue reading to discover how you can start your IT career at 40 or beyond.

Why Make a Career Change into IT at Age 40 or Beyond?

Although most people assume that an IT career is only perfect for young people, the reality is that switching to an IT career at 40 or beyond might be the best decision you will ever make for various reasons. Most people who have made a midlife career change into IT believe that it’s one of the best decisions they have ever made.

Here is why it is not too late to start your career in IT after 40.

More Career Options

You might think that you are running out of career options as you get older. However, joining the IT industry will open your doors to many career options. When you switch to IT after 40, you will gain vital skills that will make you an invaluable asset to many companies. First, you will have the freedom to decide if you will be working with companies in the IT industry or those outside the IT scene.

With companies relying on technology to improve service delivery and improve sales, you will have a plethora of options to choose from.

Here are the top-paying IT careers in 2022.

  • Software QA
  • Mobile applications developer
  • DevOps engineer
  • Data engineer
  • IT security manager
  • Applications architect
  • Data security analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Network engineer
  • Web developer
  • Software engineer
  • Systems engineer

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Guaranteed Job Security

The last couple of years have been challenging for many American workers. Most of them have had to file for unemployment or take a pay cut. Some have even taken hour cuts. Therefore, it is understandable to look for a career with better job security at age 40 or beyond. IT and the health sector are the only two secure industries right now. Unlike the health industry, you can kick-start your IT career with no prior qualifications or experience when you take a QA automation course with Spin Career.

A job in IT also offers more job security since more tech jobs keep coming up. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that IT jobs will increase by more than 12% before 2028.

Better Salary

Financial responsibilities increase as you grow older. So, it only makes sense to switch to a better-paying career to reduce your financial pressures. Fortunately, switching to IT is easy and offers better salaries, even for entry-level positions. For instance, quality assurance technicians make around $70,000 per year at the start of their career.

Get Job Satisfaction

If your current career does not give you career fulfillment, it is only wise to consider a midlife career change into IT. Working in the IT industry might help you find career satisfaction. First, you can work remotely when you join the IT industry. In addition, your IT career allows you to impact many peoples’ lives daily. You will also enjoy more flexibility and diverse options when you become an IT tech.

How to Kick-start Your IT Career at 40?

Ready to make a midlife career change into IT? If you are, check out our IT courses to start your IT career and develop your talent regardless of your life circumstances.

Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Feb 02, 2022
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