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Software Testing Training Course Online

The software testing market is estimated to continue growing at a higher rate over the coming years. This demand is a result of technological development in machine learning and artificial intelligence. As such, joining the IT industry as a software testing specialist is likely to give you more career growth and increase your income. You will work as an individual or a part of a team to identify flaws and ensure quality before products are launched.

Fortunately, you don’t need prior experience to start your IT career with Quality Assurance software testing.

What is Software Testing Training?

Software companies need to test their software before it is released. That is why these companies employ software testing specialists to identify and correct flaws in the product before the launch. The companies work with manual and automation QA testing specialists to identify minor and major flaws to avoid performance issues.

QA software testing training equips you with vital technical and professional skills to master key software testing concepts, including QA and testing, bug management, test cases management, Agile, working with requirements, testing types, tests execution, QA reporting and much more. You will gain skills to handle the Selenium WebDriver library, Java coding, Test Automation Framework, and the Page Object pattern.

During the training, you will have the chance to work on real-life projects to develop your skills. Above all, software testing training will help you master the best practices of test automation with Jenkins pipelines, Jenkins plugins, the basics of grooy language and also how to create test automation reports. 

Here is an overview of our automation QA software testing course.

  • Free Job Placement
  • Professional guidance
  • Practice on actual projects during the internship
  • Mock interview
  • Lessons and practical tasks
  • Coding with Java and programming libraries like Selenium, Maven, WebDriver, and more
  • Resume assistance

Do you want to join us?

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  • Help in choosing a direction
  • Course consultation
  • Additional materials for the start

Is Software Testing Training Right for You?

Software testing is suitable for technical and non-technical individuals looking for an easy start in an IT tech career. It is also ideal for veteran IT technicians who want to advance their IT skills. You should opt for software testing training if:

  • You are a QA technician, engineer, or tester.
  • You are in another profession and want to gain software testing experience.
  • Stay at home mom looking for a reliable income source.
  • You are a graduate finding it hard to land a job in another field.
  • You are interested in software testing.

Do You Need Prior Experience to Qualify for Software Testing Training?

You don’t need prior experience or knowledge to qualify for software testing training. However, a basic understanding of software will help you settle down quickly. You also need basic skills, including problem-solving skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, discipline, determination, and professionalism.

Why You Should Learn Software Testing Today

Software testing might be the perfect career choice for you if you want to get into the IT world quickly. With the demand for software testing specialists set to increase over the years, you can expect to land a high-paying job once you complete your studies.

Final Thoughts

Software testing is integral to any organization that deals with software. As a software tester, you will have the opportunity to work with multiple companies to help them release quality software. Submit your application today to get a free consultation from one of our experts. We are eager to help you choose the perfect software testing courses for your career path and most importantly, your income growth!



Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Nov 18, 2021
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