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How to Get a Software Tester Job Without Experience

Whether you are considering a career change or unsure which career path to take, the tech industry might be the best solution for you. With the demand for IT professionals growing over the last couple of years, there are many opportunities in this field.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be more than 531,200 new jobs in the tech field by 2030. Amazingly, tech-related jobs are high-paying and provide a higher chance of career development.

Better yet, you can become a software tester without experience. Read on to discover how you can land high-paying software tester jobs without experience.

What Does a Software Tester Do?

Software testers conduct manual and automated tests to ensure that the software is error free before deployment. Software testers also test the apps for bugs before release.

Tips for Finding a Well Paying Software Testing Job With No Experience

Becoming a software tester is not as complicated as most people assume. You only need to follow some basic steps to find a high paying job in this field:

1. Seek Basic Knowledge

Companies are not willing to put their money into unskilled software testers. That is why you should grow your software testing skills to become a professional tester. To begin with, software testing is categorized into two, namely, automation and manual testing.

Companies then classify both categories into different fields, including gaming applications, software programs, and mobile applications. To land a lucrative opportunity, you should seek knowledge in all these fields. Also, develop your skills to succeed in your new career.

2. Find a Good Mentor

Growing your skills alone isn’t enough. You also need to gain more experience to become a professional tester. The best way of doing it is by working with a mentor. A good mentor will guide you on the best techniques and practices to keep in mind as a tester. You can find a mentor through an externship or internship.

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3. Read the Best Software Testing Books

You can hone your software testing skills by referring to the best software testing books. These books provide vital tips for both beginners and experienced software testers. Also, you will learn how to test different applications in agile environments. They can also help you strike a balance between the chaos of software testing and your personal life.

4. Choose Your Preferred Field

Companies offer different opportunities. That is why you should pick your preferred team early on to find your dream opportunity.

5. Craft a Professional resume

Now that you have the skills and expertise, it is time to create a professional resume. A good resume will help you stand out from the competition. To craft a good resume, consider the job description requirements and critical skills.

It is also advisable to list your experience and internships. Remember to proofread before sending it along with a cover letter. Alternatively, you can use online tools to customize your resume.

6. Network

Building professional networks will help you land an entry-level position. You can build your professional networks on reputable platforms like LinkedIn. Internships will also allow you to meet industry-leading professionals.

In summary, developing your software testing skills is the secret to becoming a successful tester, and choosing a reputable school for that is one of the keys.

Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Aug 27, 2021
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