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Manual Tester salary in USA: Look at the Statistics

Manual testers work in software development teams that are responsible for testing and taking an app or program through numerous scenarios. This is a type of role where you can act as the end user to use applications like they were intended to. Doing so will allow you to document glitches, bugs and other issues.

The tests a manual tester conducts are not random. Instead, you have to follow a detailed testing flowchart and check all aspects of the particular program. Being precise and meticulous is vital for manual testers, which is why the income for experienced testers is usually quite high.

What is the Average Salary of a Manual Tester in U.S.A?

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of manual testers in the USA is around $72000 to $79000 annually. Manual testing is an incredibly rewarding career option due to its sizeable payouts, excellent work life balance and growth opportunities. Career Bliss ranked QA analyst number 2 on their listing of happiest jobs. They determined this rank after analyzing thousands of employee reviews across the globe.

The demand for manual testers has been significantly increasing over the years. This increase is mainly because there are very few individuals qualified for these positions. There is a good chance that the employment of manual testers will increase by 22% within the next decade.

Manual Tester Salary in USA – Years of Experience

The tech landscape has been flourishing recently and will only get better with time. While there are several positions available in this industry, manual testing arguably has the highest demand. This is mainly because very few people have mastered this skill.

Many people simply do not join the tech world because they do not want to learn coding. Manual testing, however, doesn’t require coding. Sure, you will need to learn a little bit of coding. However, it will not be the same extent as programmers or web developers.

In most cases, high paying manual testing jobs require you to have around three to six years of testing, work and education experience.

You need strong communication and analytical skills to excel as a manual tester. Your main responsibilities will include identifying bugs, testing software applications and communicating the issues to developers. In addition, you will need to document every step of your testing procedure for the purposes of quality assurance.

If you want to kick start your journey to become a well-paid manual tester, you can always try a coding boot camp. These camps are an excellent option for those who want to start their career quickly. There are plenty of boot camp options to choose from. In most cases, these camps last around 4 to 15 weeks, which is enough time to learn the skills required to get a manual tester job in the U.S.

Manual Tester Salary in USA – State Wise Statistics

Manual testers play an important role in any company they are employed in. Organizations want to hire people who can test software efficiently. They must also be able to offer timely inputs regarding the software’s overall performance and whether it would be effective for the business using it.

As far as salaries go, certain factors play a vital part in preparing employees into paying high wages for skilled testers. These include:

  • Experience
  • Resume and interview
  • Company type
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Certification and training
  • Location
  • Experience

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Seniority level or experience is an important factor in a manual tester’s salary. Of course, freshers cannot expect to earn the same amount experienced manual testers do. So, the more skilled and experienced you are, the better salaries you can expect. Remember, getting your desired amount can be a slow process, but it is definite. If you have patience and keep improving your skills, your package will grow with time.


Manual testing requires important certifications and skills for validating your knowledge to recruiters. If you do not possess enough skills, you may get employed for training but your salary will most likely be low. It would be best to take some time and get some training for your manual testing career. Once you receive your certification, you will get a salary that matches your skills.


Where you are located has a massive impact on how much you can get compensated. The demand and supply of some professions tends to be different in almost every place. This is because of the cost of living in different places. If you are looking for a manual tester position that pays well, it would be best to move to the U.S as the demand is massive over there.

Here is a look at the average manual tester salaries in the most prominent states of the U.S

Texas: $100,000

Massachusetts: $92,500

Pennsylvania: $90,675

Colorado: $85,000

New York: $83,850

Virginia: $82,500

New Jersey: $81,900

North Carolina: $78000

California: $78,000

Utah: $75,000

Georgia: $75,000

Tennessee: $72,750

Ohio: $58,500

Illinois: $70,000

Florida: $72,500

Washington: $48,750


A career as a manual tester can be quite lucrative, especially in places like the U.S. With numerous junior, middle and senior level positions available, you can start your journey to become a manual tester today. You can do this by enrolling in a reputable course and learning the skills necessary to excel in this field.

Remember, you may not get your desired pay at junior or middle levels. However, once you become a senior, your salary will become quite lucrative.

Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Sep 28, 2022
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