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IT Career Salary

Thinking about joining the IT industry this year? If you are, you will be glad to know that IT techs are among the highest-paid professionals in the country. Above all, you will have various career options to choose from if you have the right skills and expertise. Whether you want to become a quality assurance specialist, data security analyst, database administrator, mobile app developer, or web developer, the demand for skilled IT techs will increase over the coming years.

Here is your guide to IT tech career salary.

How Much the IT Techs Make in the US 2022?

Various factors like your skills, expertise, state, position, education level, and the employer will determine your salary. Currently, IT techs make an average of $91,250, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Continue reading to discover how much you can make as an IT professional.

QA Specialist

Quality assurance specialists earn approximately $69,126 in the US according to The salary is determined by the industry, employer size, location, and experience. As a quality assurance specialist, you will work closely with other IT professionals to ensure that you produce high-quality products. Your day-to-day duties will include Identifying flaws and ensuring that the final products are reliable and functional.

Web Developers

Web Developers are responsible for designing code and modifying websites based on client specifications. You will also create functional and reliable websites. The average base salary for web developers in the US is $70,863 per year.

QA freelancer

QA freelancers have the skills to ensure that products meet the required standards. Moreover, QA freelancers are responsible for ensuring that products are functional and meet users’ expectations. On average, QA freelancers take home approximately $66,620 every year.

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Information Systems Security Manager

Information systems security managers are responsible for protecting IT systems and sensitive data. The average salary for information systems security managers is approximately $157,250 per year.

Mobile Applications Developer

Mobile applications developers have the expertise to create and develop apps for all platforms, including Android and iOS. You can expect to earn around $137,250 every year as a mobile app developer.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers bridge the gap between IT operations and software development. Your primary responsibility is to speed up the development life cycle and ensure high software quality. DevOps engineers take home around $105,000 per year.

Big Data Engineer

Big data engineers analyze large amounts of low data and translate it into actionable data for strategy setting, innovation, and decision making. As a big data engineer, you can expect to earn approximately $141,500 every year.

Data Security Analyst

Data security analysts have a massive understanding of network and computer security. On average, data security analysts earn approximately $141,000 per year.

Network Engineers

Network engineers are responsible for designing, executing, and maintaining network and cloud services. Network engineers earn approximately $118,000 every year.

How to Get Started in IT?

IT jobs offer more flexibility and better salaries. Above all, most IT jobs allow you to work from the warmth of your home on your schedule. If you want to jumpstart your IT career, check out our courses to get started today.




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