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How to Test a Mobile Application?

At the beginning you should check the following:

  •  There are enough devices for testing (according to the target market)
  • All the project procedures were agreed upon (understand that everything is ready, a development cycle, deadlines, a team was hired)
  • The app follows the guidelines
  • The app works in different environments
  • The app works correctly with external and internal requests
  • Power consumption (like an ordinary user)
  • Tests for automation are chosen (when enough manual ones have already been written)

A list of iPhone test cases:

  • Rechecking functionality where the most critical defects were previously found (regression testing)
  • Functionality check on correct data (current date, short names, etc.)
  • Checking for incorrect values (for example, empty fields, long names, setting a date on the phone in the past, etc.)
  • Checking the application interface for compliance with Apple (Human interface guidelines for iPhone/iPad)
  • App performance and interface response speed (iPhone 2g is used)
  • Usability tests
  • Test for compatibility with other iPhone applications/functionality (alarm, timer, reminders, incoming call, SMS)
  • Testing application settings, if they are applied correctly
  • Search for possible crash spots and reasons for their occurrence
  • Correct operation of the application when using wi-fi (including disconnection, no connection)
  • Checking for the correct work of the application with the iPhone memory (memory leaks)
  • Checking if the sound does not disappear when connecting headphones
  • Application behavior when iPhone goes to sleep mode
  • Application operation with an accelerometer (screen rotation according to the position of the iPhone, using the accelerometer function to receive data by the application)
  • Localization testing (supported by the app)

iphone app testing

  • Verification of the correct operation of the application with the iPhone camera (if such functionality is supported), as well as the correct operation of the application with the iPod.
  • Quick “clicks” on interface elements (navigating through categories, navigating through records within a category)
  • If there is a lengthy workflow – conduct it all (like long programs in Yoga) in real time
  • If there is a ready-made list and a field for inputting parameters, then check the behavior when a hint from the dictionary appears in the field, and at the same time you click on an entry in the list <> hint. there may be conflicts between the hint of the iPhone and the real choice.
  • Content verification: adequate image size (up to 1MB) and sufficient quality. Additionally, look at iPhone4 (higher resolution) + see MobileHIG.pdf chapter 11 for image resolution requirements.
  • GUI: icons correspond to what they relate to (help – question mark, settings – gear, etc.), new windows smoothly open on the right, there is a loading icon if a long process occurs)
  • The presence of the Game Over screen and the correct links on it – for game projects

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Multiplayer Games

  • the correctness of the connection of players (for example, writing off the balance only after connecting)
  • time lags
  • connection through different networks
  • correct behavior when disconnecting players
  • connecting bots (if used)

Conformance Testing

  • Protocol testing
  • Safety/Security testing
  • SIM card testing
  • Radio Frequency (RF) testing
  • Audio Tests
  • Specific Absorption Tests

And More

  • Physical/virtual keyboard
  • Testing updates and installation
  • Paid content: prices match the content, purchases of 2 types (restorable and non-restorable (credits)) – testing the restoring purchases linked to the account (reinstallation/update/another device); there must be a choice from the current progress and saved in the account.
  • Advertising: must not overlap elements, must have an available close button (And if the button has not yet appeared, then the countdown before that).
  • Globalization: everything that is needed changes and it happens correctly. Protection from taking advantage of date and time manipulation.
  • Copy and paste from and to the application.
Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Aug 30, 2021
Manual QA