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How to Start in QA Without Experience?

I made a decision! I want to be a tester. Now what? Where do I go and how to make sure they hire me ?! Because I’ve got no experience.

An interview is what awaits everyone before getting a job.

Let’s take a look at what exactly will help you to get an advantage over other candidates, as well as what HR pays attention to when choosing a new employee.

A Well-written Resume

This is generally the very first step towards employment. Usually, all resumes are reviewed first by the HR department. They screen out unsuitable candidates according to their criteria. Then the “winners” are sent to the heads of the testing department. After the manager filters the resumes only the most catchy and suitable ones remain.

This process is different among companies. But the bottom line is that out of all resumes, only a part is selected for further interview. At this stage, you need to get into this selected part.

In a resume for a software tester, it is worth mentioning:

  • All the practical testing skills you have.
  • Knowledge of software for testing.
  • Your achievements. Maybe you were among the first on the course or suggested a non-standard solution when testing a bug and the supervisor noticed it. Think back to all your accomplishments that relate to testing.
  • Courses that took place including the curriculum.
  • Real testing experience, even if it was only as part of training or as a one-time freelance job.
  • Write briefly and to the point. Do not list previous work experience on 3 sheets if it is not related to testing. Do not list all your personal qualities, focus on those that help in testing.


Thorough Preparation For The Interview

When you are invited for an interview, go online and search for information about this company. See what products they make, try to test them yourself. You can even look for feedback from interviewees and find out what exactly they ask about in the interview. Al this will help you to prepare for the interview better.

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Moreover, bring a notepad to take notes. This usually makes a positive impression on managers and HR, making it clear that you are interested in the position and are very attentive to details. In other words, it won’t hurt you.

Freelance Experience

It’s not even worth saying much here. This will set you apart from other candidates for the Junior position.
And you do not need to be a freelancer for years, it is enough to practice for at least one month.

By the way, such work can even be combined with taking courses. Very convenient: you study theory and practice at the same time. And you can always consult with the instructor and get high-quality feedback.

IT Connections

This method of getting a job takes place, but it does not exclude the methods listed above.This is most likely a nice addition (though far from mandatory) that will help increase your chances of success.

A Few More Things

You can also create a portfolio. It can include automated scripts or your projects. The bottom line is that it shows that you are not sitting still and are ready to grow.

Self-confidence and focus on results are also important. If during the interview you are constantly in doubt and being nervous, then even for a good specialist with work experience, it can fail.


For a successful interview and employment, we advise to:

  1. Learn about the position as much as possible.
  2. Practice testing.
  3. Remember about connections you have in the field of IT.
  4. Write a good resume.
  5. Prepare for the interview.
  6. Remember what was at the interview and analyze your answers on your own or give “for judgment” to other testers. In case of getting a refusal do not forget to ask them for a reason.

All this will help to identify your mistakes, weaknesses and will allow you to pass the next interviews more successfully.

Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Aug 28, 2021
Manual QA