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How to Become a QA Tester

More than 500 websites come up each minute. Moreover, new digital products, software, and games are created every day. All these digital programs have to be checked before release. As a result, the demand for QA testers has grown over the years.

Whether you are looking for an exciting opportunity or considering a career change, becoming a QA tester is something you should consider. Read on to discover how to become a QA tester.

What Does a QA Tester Do?

Simply put, a QA tester is responsible for improving digital programs and eliminating flaws. They work in various fields, including video games, web platforms, software programs, communication networks, and digital products.

As a quality assurance tester, you will work with the developers to ensure that each product meets high standards before deployment. Below is an overview of the duties you will take on as a quality assurance tester.

  • Manual Testing
  • Calculating risk
  • Setting and maintaining quality levels
  • Identifying bugs
  • Research and development
  • Recording test progress and results

Quality assurance testers should be proficient in security testing, load testing, and functionality testing. They should also be good in usability testing, regression testing, and compatibility testing.

Your Step By Step Guide to Become a Successful QA Tester
Follow this guide to land a career in quality assurance testing:

Join an Online Academy

To become a successful QA tester, the first thing you can do is enroll in an online academy of IT professions such as SpinCareer. The manual QA course lasts around three months and is perfect for stay-at-home moms, individuals who are tired of their current job and want to change their career paths, and those looking to immigrate to a different country such as the United States.

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  • Help in choosing a direction
  • Course consultation
  • Additional materials for the start

It is also perfect for you if you have just lost your job. Above all, you don’t have to quit your job or postpone your commitments to become a professional QA tester. You only have to commit 1.5 hours per day on average. The course also includes 22 recorded lessons and practical tasks. You will also get post-course support to prepare you for your first job interview.

To become a professional automation QA tester, you should join an automation QA course to enhance your skills. The course lasts around six months and has four internship classes, and one mock interview.

Go For an Internship

After graduating, it is advisable to go for an internship to gain experience and hone your skills. If you are lucky enough, you might land a paid internship. Even if you don’t get a paid internship, you will have the opportunity to meet established professionals in this field.

Develop Your Personal Skills

To become a successful QA tester, you need to develop your personal skills. Focus on improving your organization, communication, and problem-solving skills. Also, work on time management and attention to detail to become a well-rounded candidate.

Apply for QA Testing Jobs

Now that you have the skills and expertise, it is time to apply for open positions in this field. While you are at it, apply for openings that suit your skills and qualifications. Remember to customize your resume and cover letter according to the job description. You can find new QA testing jobs online and by networking with other professionals.

In summary, joining the best online academy of IT professionals will kick-start your QA testing career.

Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Aug 27, 2021
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