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Automation Testing Certification & Training Online

If you want to join the IT industry and want to increase your income, you should opt for a professional software quality assurance training course. An automation testing certification will make you indispensable to organizations that deal with software.

Read on to discover everything about automation testing certification.

Automation Testing Certification Overview

Our automation testing course will help you master all aspects of automation testing, including bug management, test cases management, test execution, QA reporting, Java Programming, Selenium, and WebDriver.

Students also attend two weeks of internship where they work in groups. You will also get help with resume and interview preparation to help you find your dream IT job. Our experienced and certified software quality assurance specialists are also available for one-to-one calls for resume assistance and mock interviews.

What is Included in this Automation Quality Assurance Course?

To help you get started with your automation QA testing career as soon as possible, Spin Career has customized the automation quality assurance course to suit your expectations and budget. Here is what is included in automation testing certification.

Private Account

Each student gets a private account on the automation testing certification program to find all the videos, tasks, handouts, and lessons.

Assignment Checking

Our professionals will take their time to check all your practical assignments to make sure you develop vital skills that will help in your automation software testing career.


Students will have the opportunity to chat with their colleagues to develop their automation testing skills.


Your mentor will address all your concerns and answer all automation QA testing questions, working on a one-one basis allows us to customize your career path.


You can work on your skills by practicing with our team of certified experts.

Post-course Support

Even after you are done with your automation testing certification, our expert team at Spin Career will still help you prepare for your first job interview and your first day at work. You can contact the specialist whenever you have any software quality assurance questions.

Is Automation Testing Certification Right for You?

The demand for automation testing technicians is at an all-time high. This is why it is vital to be a certified automation testing technician. Automation Testing Certification is ideal for:

  • Quality Assurance engineers, technicians, or testers who are looking to advance their skills.
  • Software developers, analysts, and engineers who want to add this skill
  • Individuals working in other professions.
  • Graduates looking to enhance their skills.
  • Stay at home moms.
  • Immigrants.
  • Individuals looking for a better job.
  • Unemployed individuals.

Do you want to join us?

Leave an application and get a free consultation from our manager.

  • Help in choosing a direction
  • Course consultation
  • Additional materials for the start

What Skills Do You Need for Automation Testing Certification?

Although you don’t require prior knowledge or experience for automation testing certification, you still need excellent interpersonal skills and a basic understanding of the software to succeed.

It will be easy to master automation testing if you understand how the software works. Your interpersonal skills will also make it easy to complete your software testing education.

Key Takeaway

Our automation quality assurance course is ideal for you if you want to start earning great income in less than a year. Spin Career will prepare you for a successful automation QA career. Get in touch with our experts if you are ready to jumpstart your IT career today.



Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Nov 18, 2021
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