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How Much Time Do I Need to Study QA?

When it comes to new knowledge that you need to apply at work you logically become interested in how much time it will take.

Every person wants to calculate or estimate a plan for the near future. But this issue has a double bottom. After all, it is possible to postpone your study for a day and as a result not to approach this subject for years. Or, you could get into the topic intensively, going back to it all the time.

How much time do I need to study QA? You can find different answers to this question from different schools and academies. The training course can be extended over one and a half to two years. Major universities often do this. They call it a second degree and offer an evening form of study with obligatory attendance of boring lectures. Imagine work and study, the road to the place of study and waiting. At such moments, fatigue can interfere with the assimilation of the material so much that you will not remember anything from the lecture.

What if the material could be studied from home, at a time suitable for you? For example, on a weekend, when you can relax, prepare and plunge into learning with all the zeal. But what if the training lasted only three months? You could just take a vacation from your main job and immerse yourself in new knowledge.

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Alex Kara
By Alex Kara on Aug 15, 2021
Manual QA